Sports helmets: our helmet technology

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May 20, 2016
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Sports helmets: our helmet technology

EPS cushioning material

The shape and color of the helmet is always just a tool for the helmet. The real technical content of the helmet is whether it can protect the head, whether it can solve the ventilation problem, whether it can bring the helmet without increasing the resistance, whether it can absorb the sweat and prevent the sweat from dripping. Falling, whether it can be worn comfortably and easily adjusted, whether it is light enough to reduce the head pressure, these are the top priorities of the helmet. Let’s analyze these issues as below.

First of all, the structure of the helmet I first use the picture to explain, on the basis of the picture to explain to everyone.

This is the SV23 helmet, which is also the most popular road type helmet in the gray area. Every time we feel it feels like foam, in fact, it is a double density EPS buffer material.

EPS cushioning material: EPS is the raw material for making foam. Different types of foam are formed under different densities. The biggest feature is insulation and shock absorption.

The SMART helmet has EPS buffer material and it is different from the general riding helmet. The general riding helmet is only the standard density black EPS buffer material, and the SMART helmet uses the double gray EPS buffer material, which greatly improves the protection.

For ventilation, use our SV99 helmet to explain.

Pay attention to the vents on the front. It is bigger than the normal vents. During the ride, the forehead is very easy to sweat. The oversized vents can quickly cool the forehead to ensure a refreshing ride.

In the second picture, we can more clearly see the helmet’s four-dimensional cooling system, the deeper air inlet, so that the entire head is in a cool state, each hole is designed according to the actual position, not just like the general helmet.

The meaning of ventilation is that the wind must be unobstructed in the head, so the tail of the helmet is designed to be large enough to get the air outlet, so that the wind can continuously enter the helmet and quickly cool the head. To make it safe and comfortable during summer riding.

Reducing resistance

Every time we ride a bicycle, the headache is that the sweat dripped into the riding glasses, obscuring the line of sight. There are things like this in the SMART full helmet.

The red lining, because of its existence, makes us not worry about the problem of sweat.

All SMART helmet adjustments are very convenient, thanks to the SMART adjustment system.

Why do you want to consider the weight? I don’t know if you have ever felt the weight of the helmet. If you wear a heavier helmet, you will feel sore neck when you ride for a long time. The lighter the weight of the helmet, the lower the pressure on the neck.

Therefore, choose some helmets as much as pos

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